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Be beautiful as always! Makeup in the age of masks.

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We have talked a lot in recent days about safe shopping and methods of protecting our health. And who said that in a mask you cannot look beautiful and fashionable? Let's remember that beautifully highlighted can make us feel good in any style.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Our mood and energy are created in them. Eyes are the first things we look at when meeting a second person. Women of the Arab world associate European women with mystery and seductive power of gaze. Dressed from head to toe, they could focus on emphasizing only what is visible from under their outfit, i.e. beautifully painted eyes.

We, in the currently changing world, must adapt to what dictates the force majeure, which is the current epidemic. Many women have currently abandoned their makeup habits, making holidays for their skin from cosmetics. On the one hand, this is a big plus for the skin, and on the other it is worth remembering not to give up taking care of yourself, because we all know perfectly well that makeup often gives us wings.

My makeup suggestion for a mask is quick and simple, because that's the point, not to spend half the day in the bathroom or in front of the mirror. Remember that care is always the most important thing. It depends on her skin condition and how our makeup looks and its durability. I would now focus on slightly equalizing the skin tone using color care creams and would emphasize the eyes depending on our beauty or habits. I really like the slightly emphasized beauty, which is why I would subtly illuminate the entire movable eyelid, of course camouflaging with the properly selected darker shadow the refraction of the outer corner.

Many of us are not aware that with makeup we can correct minor imperfections of our looks. The whole can be finished with eyelash extension. With a half-covered face, it's important to remember about well-adjusted eyebrows, which are the frame of the eyes, and now they will play with them the main role in attracting the looks of others. If they are adjusted and underlined, they will create an impression of general aesthetics on the face. There are many ways to highlight your eyes, they depend on your preferences, preferences, and beauty.

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