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Akademia Małych Odkrywców invites you!

From 21/08 to 31/08
We have planned a lot of attractions for our guests for the coming weeks! From August 21st to September 11th, we invite you to an exhibition of scientific curiosities in the passage of our Shopping Centre. Infographics on various topics can be viewed during the Shopping Centre’s working hours.

On Saturday, September 4th, children will be able to take part in practical workshops, chemical and physical shows, and play the role of city builders. We invite you from 11:00 to 18:00 to a special zone in the passage of our Shopping Centre.


During the workshop, under the watchful eye of experienced animators, little participants will perform experiments in the field of physics and chemistry that will allow them to understand the most important concepts and see what happens when different substances are combined. Children will learn, among other things, how to fill a balloon without the use of lungs, and then use the products and substances available in almost every kitchen to create a chemical volcano and recreate the eruption phenomenon. Little scientists will also learn the concept of the pH level and will check whether the substances present in the home are acids or bases. Children will also learn how to easily make a home pH indicator.


After a solid dose of learning, children will be able to play the role of city builders. In a special zone arranged next to the stands with chemical and physical demonstrations, it will be possible to create various buildings present in the city and outside it, using bricks and wood. Children will have at their disposal a lot of miniature bricks as well as decorative elements, coasters and stickers. Such joint design and building fun develop manual skills, spatial imagination and teaches abstract thinking.


The knowledge gained during the classes will be strengthened by an exhibition of infographics that will clearly and comprehensively illustrate issues from various fields. Visitors to the exhibition will learn, among other things, who and when sent the first e-mail, what is the longest city name in Europe, whether chocolate cakes have more energy than dynamite, who designed the flag of the United States, and the story behind the creation of the famous Lamborghini brand.

The exhibition will be available in the shopping arcade from August 21st to September 11th.

Participation in all activities and attractions is free of charge!

We invite you to come!