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Celebrate women's day with us!

The upcoming Women's Day is a great opportunity for women to break away from their duties and concerns, at least for a moment.

On Saturday, March 5th from 11 am to 5 pm, in the passage of our Shopping Centre, ladies will have a special zone where they can rest and take care of their beauty.

At special stands, it will be possible to perform a hybrid manicure and use a hand care treatment. In turn, the girls are invited to creative workshops, during which they will make bracelets referring to the liked Barbie doll. Moreover, every woman who visits our Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 5th, will be able to receive a gift with a musical dedication.

Women's Day is a special date when a smile should be on the faces of the ladies.

Details on our Facebook and on posters in the shopping mall passage.

We invite you to come! Let's make this year's Women's Day special!